Sustainability in the Naturpark Hotel Adler

Our committment to the future

In order for you to continue to enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest, we are committed to sustainability in the running of our hotel. What does that mean?

Clean and warm

The entire hotel and swimming pool is heated using wood chippings from the hotels own Adler-forest and therefore saving 80,000 litres of heating oil per year! A heat recovery system helps to further save energy and natural resources.

In the current climate this eco-friendly aspect is of course at the forefront of the renewable energy debate.

In housekeeping we only use environmentally friendy detergents and cleaning agents. That's both good for the envirionment and good for your health.

Fresh and delicious

Our chefs mainly use local produce therefore saving on environmentally damaging transport routes while guaranteeing fresh food.

For this reason we have also teamed up with other nature park hosts. Thes hosts are a group of restaurateurs from the Black Forest Nature Park Middle/North who are dedicated to regional cuisine. Game for our delicious, traditional dishes comes largely from home-bred animals and local hunts.

You can also enjoy healthy drinking water from the Black Forest natural source. Where else could you get natural spring water straight from the tap?

Come and try the Black Forest specialities for yourself with a meal at the Adler.

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