Black Forest Nature Reserve Middle/North

Original. Unmistakable. Irresistible.

naturepark schwarzwald logoIn the Naturpark Hotel Adler you can here it - the sound of nature. And it's no wonder in this idyllic setting in the middle of the beautiful Black Forest. There is no limit to the natural beauty and unique scenery of the Black Forest Middle/North!

The biggest nature park in Germany with it's 3.750 km² unites like no other place the wild natural landscapes with the centuries old cultural landscape of the area: 

  • Barren moors and picturesque vineyards.
  • Dark forests and lush green pastures.
  • Deep marshes and clear lakes.
  • Rafted villages and old tradition Black Forest farms.

It's a combination that will enchant you with its distinctive character and its endless recreational opportunities for you to enjoy.

Our nature and activity offers give you the opportunity to see the Black Forest close up and to recharge your batteries surrounded by the most beautiful scenery! And with the KONUS Guest Card you can get to most of these beautiful locations for free!

When will you discover the Black Forest?

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